Copy , Paste, Edit and Print out for the production house to sign if you are not provided with any contract no matter your role

Name of (writer/actor/crew)        Name of production company

C/o Agent (if there is one) Company address

(Writer/Actor/Crew) or Agent’s Address

Date _______________________

Dear Name of writer/actor/crew

This letter confirms agreement that you will take the part of    ________________ in the film ___________________ ( the “Film”) This is the working title and the final name of the film may change. As you know, this  production we are keen to ensure that everyone understands the basis upon which the Film is being made. If there is anything about this letter that you do not understand or you wish us to clarify, please do not hesitate to contact a lawyer.

1)You agree to be available to work during the filming period (“the Shoot”) 

 from _________ to  ____________    (or you can name the exact dates).   

2) You agree that the filming will take place in the following locations 


3) You agree to give over any rights you may have in the finished film to name of production company or producer.  This will allow us to distribute the film in any and every way we can.

4)  We will pay a fee of _____________ NAIRA for your performance in this Film.  The fee is payable within 28 days after the performance was given.

5) We will aim to ensure that working days are not longer than 10 hours.

6) We will do our best to ensure your health, safety and welfare during the Shoot.

7) We will have public liability insurance to cover you during the Shoot. 

8) We will provide you with food and refreshments throughout the Shoot.  We will liase with you over your travel arrangements to and from the Shoot and either provide transport or pay travel expenses which we need to agree in advance.


Signature (role)                        Signature (production)


date                                              date


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