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 However in order to upload a PROFILE and be eligible for any Nollywood Connect benefits you must subscribe and become a MEMBER (see FAQ #2). 

Only subscribed members have full access to Nollywood Connect including audition notices, trainings and job boards. 

*Only member profiles are viewed by hiring agents (Directors, Producers, Casting agents) 


  •        STEP 1 Click REGISTER
  •        STEP 2 SELECT One artistic segment/category, complete sign-up form 
  •        STEP 3 SELECT subscription membership level, pay fee and PROCESS membership
  •        STEP 4 Once membership is processed you can complete and UPLOAD PROFILE 

To enhance your profile please INCLUDE samples of your work 

(depending on your artistic category examples may include: photos, video clip, synopsis of script ideas, film credits, resume)

  1. Excellent entry point to online film community for both experienced and those new to the industry 
  2. Increased visibility- Reduces the need to line up for every casting call; have your online profile to do some of the work for you!! Your profile is accessible by hiring film producers and directors 7 days/week/24 hours a day.
  3. Opportunities for ALL levels of production crew and creatives (not only the actors!) 
  4. Automatic insurance coverage – protects you and your family on and off the set! * 
  5. Specially tailored training and learning opportunities from the industry 
  6. Access professional services (FREE or discounted with membership)

*Usually active within 72 hours; member must be under 70 to be eligible 

Yes! Anyone 18 or over can become a subscribed member of Nollywood Connect.

Please note from time to time there may be special casting calls for children/youth under the ages of 17 but ALL calls will require written consent by parental or legal guardian and their attendance at all auditions or interviews

Yes you can invite friends or family to join Nollywood Connect however please note you will not have access to eachother’s profiles. 

Nollywood Connect’s access control is meant to provide each member a private platform to showcase their talents.

Access to membership profiles are restricted to hiring agents (Directors, Producers, Casting agents) and Nollywood Connect. 

There is No referral system at this time but this might be implemented in the future.

No. All auditions are FREE

Nollywood Connects “Classified” section is opened to all REGISTERED and MEMBERS. It offers FREE portal to advertise* your goods and services for sale.

A few examples are as follows:

  • Professional photographer- studio quality portfolio for actors
  • Costume/Wardrobe designer – quality dresses 
  • FOR SALE- Black magic camera (2 years old)
  • A-list choreographer and celebrity trainer offering-  private fitness training -3 week to a new body!

 Nollywood reserves the right to vet and approve all advertisements before postings 

Nollywood Connect carries both NEW and gently used items for film sets or personal use. Full descriptions will be provided.

All sales will be final. 

At this time items purchased through the Nollywood Connect’s “PROP SHOP” can be picked-up for our locatIon in Lekki,Lagos.

More shipping options to come